Classroom Size: 1:3 ratio

The loving and nurturing environment created by parents in their child’s first few months is critical to setting the framework for positive development later on in their child’s life. At Lasting Impressions we understand just how important the first months of a child’s life are to his/her overall development, and we have created a program that guarantees your child’s basic needs are met while at the same time ensuring that through an attentive and affirming relationship we will meet all of the needs of your child: physical, emotional, and intellectual.

In our infant program we do employ a general schedule for diapers, breakfast, lunch and snack; however the children themselves primarily dictate the specifics of each day. Naps, bottles and diaper changes are arranged according to the child’s schedule. Our infant room provides an abundant supply of playthings designed to encourage learning, imagination, problem-solving and physical mastery.