Our Beliefs about Children

Our Programs

We believe a child learns through play and socialization and that play is an indicator of mental growth. At Lasting Impressions we provide for all areas of a child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. The individual needs and interests of each child are the basis for a balanced program of child-initiated, child-directed, teacher supported play.

As early childhood educators, we have the important task of helping to foster early cognitive and social development by knowing how to enable children to reach their fullest potential. It is our mission to not only provide a childcare setting where each child is allowed to express his or her own uniqueness and independence in an affirming environment, but also to ensure that the environment is supported by a staff that is equally committed to the highest quality standards. Type your paragraph here.

Our Beliefs about Learning

We believe that it is important to encourage the development of the whole child.  

We believe that for young children active involvement in the process of teaming is important. 

We believe that children need a safe place to identify and communicate their feelings, needs, and desires In order to determine how they can function positively within the context of their social environment.  

We believe that children need to team to make decisions and accept responsibility for those decisions; 

We believe that children need to learn problem-solving skills, rather than "correct answers”. 

We believe that in order for children to thrive, their basic needs must be met. 

We believe that children need a nurturing caregiver. 

We believe that children need to develop a sense of self-esteem and competence to maximize their potential, and that growth and learning is natural thrusts in human development.  

We believe that children are unique individuals. 

We believe that children need a stimulating, yet orderly and organized environment to explore. 

We believe that children have important rights as human beings. 

We believe that a sense of community is important to a child's social development.  

We believe that children are impacted by positive, accepting, nurturing relationships with their early childhood professionals.