The Ounce Scale helps us get to know your child better by observing their everyday activities in the Young Toddler Program.

It is organized around six major developmental areas:

  1. Personal Connections
  2. Feelings about Self
  3. Relationships with Others
  4. Understanding and Communicating 
  5. Exploration and Problem Solving 
  6. Movement and Coordination 
Daily Connect

Parents receive daily communication from your child's teacher through our app Daily Connect. This lets you know what's happening in real time with your children from diaper changes and nap time to pictures of our daily activities. 


Parent teacher conferences are held twice a year using our classroom observations organized around six developmental areas. 

We offer tours of our classrooms during regular business hours 7am-6pm. Our final tours are offered at 5:30pm. Request a time that works for your schedule, you will receive same day confirmation.

Where to Start
  1. Schedule a Tour.  Visit our school to learn more about the wonderful programs we offer for your children
  2. ​Complete the application and enrollment agreement to reserve your spot. 

Ready to Enroll

If you would like to begin the enrollment process, this is where you can find all the information and forms you need to secure a place for your child. Download, print, and complete the forms to reserve your child’s place.


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Young Toddlers 16-24 Months

Daily Schedule


Our Young Toddler Program 

We understand that not all children develop at the same pace, therefore, our Young Toddler program provides a diverse array of activities, materials, and support for children at the various stages of their development. The program provides a cheerful and secure environment that promotes open, child paced learning.

At this important stage of personal and physical growth our teachers will focus on helping children express their independence and provide support and resources to help them make substantive progress in their development. Through a support program that utilizes encouragement and praise, we work with children to help them achieve a number of goals including language development, use of motor skills, crawling and walking, and help to encourage a love for books, songs, and art activities.